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Create the necessary structure, skills, and accountability for your law firm to thrive while helping your people and teams experience success and satisfaction.

Focus on What Works

As a lawyer, you may be under incredible pressure (to perform perfectly, complete more work than there is time in the day to do, manage varied personalities, etc.). Sometimes the structure of law firms and the way we practice law make the pressure worse.

It can feel impossible to succeed.

We develop survival strategies — being tough on people, perfectionism, avoiding open, bold communication, etc. — to achieve results. While understandable, these strategies put extra strain on individuals, teams, and systems, and often the whole firm suffers.

How strong are your teams? Use this tool to think strategically about the current health of your teams and assess where to invest resources and coaching.

Work with Whittney

I help lawyers, practice group leaders, law firm executives, and leadership teams to examine their strategies, and strive for stronger results.

Leadership Coaching

Align your law firm’s reality to your vision with leadership coaching and training. 

Operations Coaching

Your practice needs an operating system to make sure your business can run smoothly and you can focus on being a great lawyer. Whittney, a former lawyer and a Master Certified Coach, transforms your chaos into plans, productivity, and profits.

Sandbox Coaching

What would become possible for your firm if your top lawyers were also great leaders? If your partners don’t practice being great mentors and teachers, in addition to being excellent lawyers, it’s not a matter of whether but when turnover and productivity loss will happen.

Law Firm Resources

Tweak systems and behaviors to discover what you yearn to create, unconstrained by ineffective strategies and processes.

I understand lawyers, because I am one

As a lawyer, coach and learning and development professional, over the past 20 years, I have seen the legal industry from all angles. I’m a Master Certified Coach and work with individuals and teams to up their performance, focus on leadership, team management, business development strategies, designing efficient systems, and reduce chaos.

My work is focused on creating accountability and structure without losing sight of the individual of each person who makes a law firm thrive.

In 2018, I designed and helped launch an industry-standard, accredited coach training program for lawyer coaching —when it comes to coaching in law firms, I literally wrote the manual.

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